SEDL Success Story – Employment Opportunities

SEDL Success Story – A Tale of Water
November 9, 2018
Jhampir is remote area with unfertile soil where it is very hard to plant anything on a large scale. The scarcity of water makes things even worst. This area receives little or no rainfall throughout the year as it is a desert area geographically. People around here live in small communities with no luxuries of life.

Due to lack of development in these hard areas, local community was facing the issue of enough earning for their living. The urge to build a better future for themselves and their loved ones is found in every person existing, same is the case with the locals but unfortunately, chances here were not available.

In December 2015, construction of SACHAL’s Wind project was started which provided unparalleled experience to community. The experience made their fragile skills into plausible ones. It’s been almost two years since that day and Sachal has supported thousands of family members in getting a respectful earning. One of these examples is the bright and hardworking Zahid Hussain from Jhampir, district Thatta.

Zahid Hussain did his B-tech from Hyderabad and then diploma in data entry but due to lack of employment opportunities, he had to work in wood factory many kilometres away from his home and on the salary of just 8000/- per month. Being the eldest son in the family, he had to provide for 13 grownup family members and he was the only one capable of doing that.

Then, he joined SACHAL in the very start of the project construction phase. He is one of the most senior personnel available on site. He is serving as Maintenance Engineer in the operation phase now and earning a handsome salary which is more than sufficient to provide for his family. Following his footsteps, his younger brothers are also getting professional education so that one day like their elder brother, they can also get good jobs and secure future for their generations to come. Zahid Hussain is now a professional when it comes to WIND generations and knows the substation inside out.

There are numerous success stories like Zahid Hussain’s.

  • Zahid Hussain, Maintenance Engineer
    Sachal is a positive step towards the brighter future of internal Sindh. It won’t be wrong to consider it as a silver lining for us. I have learned much and extended my skills exponentially here as compared to any other project before it and it has been a wonderful journey for me.
    Zahid Hussain, Maintenance Engineer