SEDL Success Story – A Tale of Water

SEDL Success Story – Employment Opportunities
November 9, 2018

Jhampir is a land of sand and dust with very less natural resources. Water being an essential component for survival of humans is scarce sight around this area. It receives little or no rain fall throughout the year and even water underground is salty and undrinkable in its raw form. These harsh conditions are routine for the locals and each sunrise comes with this haunting feeling of providing simple, pure and drinkable water for members of the family.

Number of projects were started in this regard in the history but due to poor maintenance none of them sustained. Then the locals had to travel more than 10km by foot or by motorcycle to fetch water. These conditions disable the growth of livestock and agriculture as well. Sachal had all these issues in mind even before the feasibility report was filed for the project and with firm belief of helping the locals, Allah almighty has opened paths for us. We aimed to achieve solar powered wells with RO plants so that clean and pure drinking water can be made available and within reach of the local bodies.

Sachal started working on this from the very first day and our CSR department worked hard day and night to make this project feasible and applicable. 3 bore holes were made in the matter of 2 months with each being 600ft deep. The water that stood below ground was still salty so addition of RO plant was inevitable. Currently installation of one of these RO plants has been completed, we have executed the final phase, that is the installation of SOLAR panels and now one of these wells have sustainable power source as well.

This might be a small step towards the betterment of the locals but an important one nonetheless.