SEDLWind (Sachal Energy Development (Pvt.) Ltd.)

Sachal Energy Development (Pvt.) Limited (SEDL) is a special purpose vehicle, set up to develop, build, own and operate a 49.5 MW Wind Power Plant in Jhampir, Sindh. Thus contributing to the national development by providing self-sufficiency in power and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
Sachal Energy Development (pvt) Ltd. (SEDL) is developing a 50 MW wind farm at Jhimpir, Sindh on a build, own & operate basis. Thus contributing to the national development by providing self sufficiency in power and to the world by reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

SEDL is owned 100% by Arif Habib Group through its flagship listed holding company, Arif Habib Corporation Limited (AHCL). We believe that renewable energy is the answer to the ever increasing energy needs of this country and around the world.
Our Vision
We strive to create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world by making wiser energy choices. Our aim is to become the leading and most forward looking Clean Energy Producer in Pakistan, providing the vital backbone of infrastructure and professional expertise in this nascent sector.
Our Mission
To tap the emerging sector of renewable energy in Pakistan and develop the first Arif Habib Group's 50 MW Wind Power Projects.
Why Wind Energy?
Wind energy is an ideal renewable energy because:
1. It is a pollution-free, infinitely sustainable form of energy.
2. It does not require fuel.
3. No emission of Greenhouse gases and other toxic materials/compounds.

Wind energy is quiet and does not present any significant hazard to birds or other wildlife. When large arrays of wind turbines are installed on farmland, only about 2% of the land area is required for the wind turbines.The rest is available for farming, livestock, and other uses. Landowners often receive payment for the use of their land, which enhances their income and increases the value of the land. Ownership of wind turbine generators by individuals and the community allows people to participate directly in the preservation of our environment. Each megawatt-hour of electricity that is generated by wind energy helps to reduce 0.8 to 0.9 tones of greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by coal or diesel fuel generation each year.
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